The Earth System Governance Project is calling for nominations for the Oran R. Young Prize.

We asked Hamish van der Ven, winner of the Oran R. Young Prize in 2014 how winning the Prize has affected his research career: “Winning the prize gave me more confidence in my nascent research agenda. The prize-winning paper was submitted and accepted at Regulation & Governance and became the basis for a chapter in my forthcoming book: Beyond Greenwash? Explaining Credibility in Transnational Eco-Labeling.”

Winner of the Prize in 2015, Sandra van der Hel responded to the same question: “I believe it created visibility for my work early on in my PhD, which opened doors for me at other occasions as well. I found it a great honor to know that the members of the committee, scholars whose work I admire, had read and appreciated my paper. This also gave me the confidence to continue the work I was doing in my PhD.”

The Oran R. Young Prize will be awarded for the fifth time at the 2017 Lund Conference on Earth System Governance. The Prize awarded by the Earth System Governance Project seeks to reward and encourage cutting-edge research on earth system governance by early-career scholars. Hamish van der Ven strongly suggests that grad students and recent PhDs apply – the Oran R. Young prize is “a fantastic opportunity for emerging scholars to get their work in front of some of the leading scholars in our field.” Sandra van der Hel encourages submission as well: “I wasn’t going to submit my paper because I felt there were still many things I could improve. Then, at the last moment, I submitted it anyway, and I’m really glad I did. So, even if you’re not completely confident about your work yet, why not give it a chance, and who knows…”

The Oran R. Young Prize will be awarded for the best paper authored by early-career scholars and presented at the annual Earth System Governance Open Science Conference, this year in Lund. The Prize Committee will select the winning paper based on academic quality and novelty as well as relevance to the Earth System Governance Research Framework. Read more about the Prize and criteria here.

Previous winners of the Oran R. Young Prize are Rakhyun E. Kim (2013), Hamish van der Ven (2014), Sandra van der Hel (2015) and Robert M. Ochieng (2016).

Submission deadline is 10 September. Nominations welcome!