Many Lund University Centre for SUstainability Studies, LUCSUS’ researchers and students are actively involved in international networks and collaborations including the Earth System Governance Project. From the start of the Earth System Governance Project in 2009, LUCSUS has also been the central institution of the Earth System Governance Research Centre Lund, and since 2011 it hosts the Earth System Governance International Project Office.

This year, LUCSUS is very happy to host the 2017 Lund Conference on Earth System Governance in October.

“We are very excited to host the 2017 Lund Conference on Earth System Governance. It will be a time for researchers to come together to discuss issues of governance, allocation and access in a dynamic environment”

says Emily Boyd, Director of LUCSUS.


LUCSUS is a place for education, research and collaboration on questions related to sustainable development. We combine critical perspectives with solutions-based approaches. At the core of our work is the belief that sustainability is a complex field – and best understood and explained through interdisciplinary research in close collaboration with society. Our research focuses on sustainability challenges – and is often conducted in international cooperation.

We have a strong international research profile through the centre’s involvement in the Earth System Governance Project and by the appointment as a Right Livelihood College.  Our education consist of our master’s program, LUMES (Lund University International Masters’ Programme in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science) and our PhD-programme in sustainability science.

LUCSUS runs an extensive outreach and impact activities programme – to advance the societal dialogue on sustainability. Through this programme, we communicate our research to society – in close collaboration with stakeholders, governments and non-governmental organisations.

We have a staff of about 35 people, of whom about a third are doctoral students.

Examples of Research at LUCSUS