Are voluntary principles a pathway to more sustainable craft beer? Should we prefer locally produced or organically certified beer? What’s the taste difference between a pilsner and IPA? These are just a few of the questions that will be explored during this 2017 Lund Conference on Earth System Governance side event where host Barry Ness will discuss his work with the Future Earth-endorsed SustBeerLab while demonstrating a number of different craft brews produced in the region. Light snacks will also be provided.

Date: Sunday, 7th October 6 pm – 8pm

Location: LUCSUS, Wrangel building, Biskoptsgatan 5 in Lund

Host: Barry Ness, Associate professor, LUCSUS

Price: 70 SEK

Spots: 40 (first come, first serve – deadline: Friday, 6th Oct)

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The pre-registration for the 2017 Lund Conference on Earth System Governance is open on Sunday from 4 pm – 6pm at LUCSUS

Wrangel building
Biskopsgatan 5
223 62 Lund