Session Overview

Earth System Governance Teaching Initiative



Annica Kronsell, Lund University

Michele Betsill, Colorado State University


Frank Biermann, Utrecht University

Cristina Inoue, University of Brasilia

Stacia Ryder, Colorado State University


The primary goal of Earth System Governance in its first decade has been to facilitate research collaboration to develop governance mechanisms for the Anthropocene. Yet, addressing these challenges also requires new approaches to teaching. The new directions initiative provides an opportunity for developing Earth System Governance’s focus on teaching activities. This semi-plenary provides a space to explore teaching innovation and collaboration for earth system governance.  It will begin with an overview of activities to date and a report from the new directions initiative. This will be followed by a collective brainstorming exercise to generate ideas for how Earth System Governance can serve as a teaching platform.

October 11 @ 09:00


– 10:30

Palaestra – Övre

Annica Kronsell, Cristina Inoue, Frank Biermann, Michele Betsill, Stacia Ryder