Conference Papers

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Paper IDAuthorsTitleDownload
Patrick BondScholactivist challenges to multilateral climate policyDownload PDF
0002Dhanasree Jayaram
Environmental Governance and the Armed Forces An Indian PerspectiveDownload PDF
0018Maria Elfving, Célio AndradeIndigenous Peoples and REDD+ governance - pathways and challenges from a local level perspective the case of Suruí Forest Carbon Project, southern Amazon region, BrazilDownload PDF
0019Chad Stephen BodaFrom economic choice to social choice in coastal management cost-benefit analysis, reductionism, and the search for alternatives in Flagler County, Florida, U.S.A.Download PDF
0023Steve VanderheidenJustice, Democracy, and Water Allocation: A Tale of Two BasinsDownload PDF
0030Robert Bartlett, Walter Baber
The Place of Rights in Earth System Governance DemocracyDownload PDF
0033Thomas HickmannNew Alliances in Global Sustainability Governance International Environmental Bureaucracies and Non-State ActorsDownload PDF
0037Seema Arora-JonssonBlind spots of environmental policy-making: How beliefs about science and development may jeopardize environmental solutionsDownload PDF
0038Lukas Prinz, Anna PegelsHow do labor and business power influence energy transitions? Comparing Germany and South AfricaDownload PDF
0040Dhanasree Jayaram
The ‘Three Geos' A New Approach to Study International and Environmental Security ScenariosDownload PDF
0047Sander Chan, Paula Ellinger, Oscar WiderbergExploring National and Regional Orchestration of Non-State Action for a <1.5C WorldDownload PDF
0048Sander Chan, Wanja Amling
The Global Climate Action Agenda effectively bolstering transnational adaptation?Download PDF
0056Cristina Inoue, Kathryn HochstetlerSouth-South relations and Earth System Governance Brazilian participation in multilateral environmental agreements and its international development cooperationDownload PDF
0064Michele Betsill, Tabitha Benney, Calum Brown, Sander Chan, Okechukwu Enechi, Andrea Gerlak, Ina Möller, James Patterson, Michelle Scobie, Sandra van der HelAgency in Earth System Governance Preliminary findings from the Agency Harvesting InitiativeDownload PDF
0067Carola Klöck, Paula CastroCoalition Dynamics in the UNFCCC: Levelling the Playing Field for Small States?Download PDF
0069Jasmine E Livingston, Terese E ThoniScience-policy interaction in the context of the UNFCCC. A case study of the Structured Expert DialogueDownload PDF
0070Maria Jernnäs, Björn-Ola Linnér, Eva LövbrandReformation of Climate Coalitions: A Discursive Cartography of the Post-Paris Policy LandscapeDownload PDF
0075Claire Lajaunie, Pierre Mazzega, Etienne Fieux, Serge MorandMining and Modelling Environmental GovernanceDownload PDF
0076Jisun HwangMRV of climate action by non-Party stakeholders: key step to exceed NDCs of the Paris AgreementDownload PDF
0079Mariana NicollettiContributions of Social Learning to local public planning on adaptation to climate change in BrazilDownload PDF
0091Jane MaherThe flows of gender mainstreaming from international formation to local implementation in climate change adaptation. The case from Southern Malawi. Download PDF
0094Simon DalbyFirepower: Combustible Geopolitics in the AnthropoceneDownload PDF
0097Jamil KhanCarbon valuation in the transport sector: reflections on the Swedish caseDownload PDF
098Theodor AaldersWalking the line contemplating environmental justice through a trans-scalar ethnography of relationsDownload PDF
0114Max KochSustainable Welfare in a Global Steady-state Economy: The Role of the StateDownload PDF
0119Magdalena Bexell, Kristina Jönsson
The politics of SDG responsibility - the cases of Sweden and TanzaniaDownload PDF
0123Cara DaggettFossil Fascism Reversing the Imperialist Gaze of Climate SecurityDownload PDF
0125Tayo EegunlusiEnvironmental justice in earth system governance and communitarian ethics: Reflecting on consequences of socio-environmental changeDownload PDF
0132Navreet Kaur, Ravneet KaurAddressing climate change through sustainable agricultural practices in India with reference to biogas program: a review of state of PunjabDownload PDF
0141Ravneet Kaur, Navreet KaurAn evaluation of decentralized rural electrification through solar energy with special reference to solar street lights A case study of Punjab state (India)Download PDF
0146Kevin Grecksch"Accepting Decline?" - Four scenarios to overcome innovative scarcity in English & Welsh drought and water scarcity managementDownload PDF
0147Kevin Grecksch, Jessica HolzhausenProperty Rights Revisited - Are Narratives the Way Forward?Download PDF
0158Cintya MolinaThe Role of Institutions in Access and Allocation of Emission Trade System in Central America.Download PDF
0160Sharmini Gingras, Dimitris StevisSocio-ecological Justice in Global Governance: The ILO’s Just TransitionDownload PDF
0161Aysem Mert, Robert Falkner, Sander Chan
Legitimate Orchestration in Post-Paris Climate and Sustainable Development Action? An assessment frameworkDownload PDF
0164Mine Islar, Sara Brogaard, Martin Lemberg-PedersenFeasibility of energy justice Exploring national and local efforts for energy development in NepalDownload PDF
0167Natalie W.M. WongChanging landscape of environmental governance in Xi's China - Do you hear the people sing?Download PDF
0168Anselmo MatusseSeeing like a (Postcolonial) State: Parks, Reserves and Peoples in MozambiqueDownload PDF
0174Anahí Urquiza, Marco BilliSocial-ecological resilience and vulnerability to climate change: an analytical framework for the Chilean caseDownload PDF
0175Andreas KlinkeDynamic Multilevel Governance as Cosmopolitan Governance Navigating Sustainable TransformationDownload PDF
0179Morten Walbech Ryberg, Kasper Sundbæk, Anders BjørnEvaluating methods for allocating entitlement to the safe operating space for use in assessments of absolute sustainabilityDownload PDF
0182Anna RubanEnvironmental Auditing as a Tool of Environmental Governance in UkraineDownload PDF
0196Jonathan Pickering, Åsa Persson
Democratising planetary boundariesDownload PDF
0200Malgorzata SmieszekChanging dynamics between science and politics and the effectiveness of soft-law international environmental regimes. The case study of the Arctic CouncilDownload PDF
0217Mikael Skou AndersenThe polity and politics of carbon-dioxide taxation in small European statesDownload PDF
0241Lisa SanderinkAn Institutional Dimension to the NexusDownload PDF
0243Johanna Velásquez SernaPublic Participation in Global Environmental Governance A case study of NGO influence in the pre-negotiation of the Paris AgreementDownload PDF
0253Aarti Gupta, Ina MollerScrutinizing epistemic sources of de facto climate engineering governance An exploratory analysis and future research agenda Download PDF
0254Chris HöhneMulti-level Global Climate Governance in the Global South. Case Studies from India and IndonesiaDownload PDF
0256Muhammad MumtazClimate Change Adaptation in agriculture sector: An analysis of governance challenges in two Pakistani provincesDownload PDF
0258Jane Flegal, Aarti Gupta, Silke Beck, Arthur Petersen
Debating Solar Climate Engineering Pre-and Post Paris 1.5˚C  Who Evokes Equity, How and Why?  Download PDF
0261Daniele Codato, Salvatore Eugenio Pappalardo, Alberto Diantini, Francesco Ferrarese, Massimo De MarchiYasunization, climate and environmental justice: toward a social foot print of oil operations. Reflections from a study case.Download PDF
0262Guarany OsorioRhetoric in climate change public policy process persuasion strategies on the road to the Paris AgreementDownload PDF
0264Magnus Benzie, Åsa Persson
Governing borderless climate risks in a bordered worldDownload PDF
0266Matias FranchiniUnderstanding Climate Commitment at the State-Level: Lessons from Major Latin-American Countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and, Mexico. 2007-2016Download PDF
0267Jose Antonio Puppim de OliveiraGovernance under planetary limits: Lessons from emerging efforts at different scalesDownload PDF
0270Nidia Catherine Gonzalez PinerosOptimal policy decision-making of Common Pool ResourcesDownload PDF
0273Kristin SipplAccess to Governance: Explaining the Trajectory of Certification Schemes Across Markets and Producer GroupsDownload PDF
0277Matthew Paterson, Louis Machabée
‘Three extra minutes’. Contesting Complete Streets in OttawaDownload PDF
0283Anahí Urquiza, Marco BilliEnergy Poverty in Middle-development countries: an interdisciplinary science-police dialogue from ChileDownload PDF
0289Katharine Rietig
The Role of Policy Learning in Unlocking Deadlocked NegotiationsDownload PDF
0299Ian MannersTomorrowland: critical social theory of earth system governanceDownload PDF
0309Peter Jacques, Rafaella LoboUnderstanding the World Ocean Regime and Allocation and Access to Coastal and Marine Resources through Quantitative Content AnalysisDownload PDF
0310Meliha AljabarThe growth machine in urban climate ‘resilience' planningDownload PDF
0311Hyeyoon ParkThe Impact of Chinese Foreign Direct Investment and Government Transparency on Natural Resource Depletion in Sub-Saharan AfricaDownload PDF
0312Roger Hildingsson, Åsa Knaggård
Pricing carbon by economic reason The case of the Swedish carbon taxDownload PDF
0313Christopher OrrBeyond paradigm shifts: the dynamics of belief systems and their role in the society-nature relationshipDownload PDF
0316Megan Mills-Novoa, Diana LivermanIntended Nationally Determined Discursive Contributions: A discourse analysis of INDCs from top emitters and the climate vulnerable forumDownload PDF
0324Tim CadmanRepresenting whose interests Stakeholder perceptions around allocation and access in climate policy initiativesDownload PDF
0326Neil DawsonNavigating the normscape the role of intermediaries in bringing local justice claims to global forest governanceDownload PDF
0335Ahmad Rizky M UmarEnvironmental Rights and the Perils of Intergovernmentalism Assessing ASEAN Cooperations on Environment (1977-2017)Download PDF