Developing a career in earth system governance: opening up science

“I think the format of the early career researcher workshop prior to the annual conferences has proven successful. We received very positive feedback from both the participants and the senior researchers who gave keynotes during the workshop. The event provides a dedicated forum for early career researchers to meet, discuss common challenges and share lessons learned. It also spearheads collaborations between early career researchers from different universities, for example in the form of joint papers.”

Jennifer Bansard

As was the case at previous Earth System Governance conference, early career researchers will have the opportunity to meet for a one-day event ahead of the Lund conference. The aim is to foster exchange between scholars from different universities and to create a dedicated space for discussions on developing a career in earth system governance research. Participants will enjoy inputs from senior Earth System Governance scholars who will share insights into their career paths. Another key element of the day will be the World Café, which will allow participants to engage with the theme of “opening up science”. Discussions will be held along topics such as science communication, innovative teaching formats, or questions of access to research results.

Date: Sunday, 08 October 2017, 09:00 – 17:00

Venue: Wrangel building, LUCSUS, Lund University, Sweden

Costs: free


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Innovative Methods for Teaching Earth System Governance

Michele Betsill & Annica Kornsell

This workshop is designed for scholars at all career stages with some experience teaching courses on environmental governance or a similar topic who wish to incorporate innovative methods in the classroom. Participants will share their knowledge of innovative methods that they have used or heard of and actively engage with several methods, such as experiential learning, negotiation simulations, and teaching case studies.

Date:  Thursday, October 12, 2017, 9:00-17:00

Location: LUCSUS, Lund University

Cost: free

Registration: Sign up here (limited, first come first serve, deadline: 1st Oct extended deadline: 6th October)



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“On 12 October, ESG & BECC conducted a joint workshop entitled ‘Communicating research across academic boundaries’ where we discussed difficulties and opportunities of collaborating both within and outside of academia. Through a series of short presentations and active group work, we explored issues of transdisciplinarity and academia-media relations, finishing with an open lecture by Swedish journalist Jack Werner on the pitfalls and possibilities of academic journalism. The workshop was the start of what we hope will be a long and fruitful collaboration between the two research groups. To learn more about BECC, see their website.”

Maja Essebo

Welcome to a joint BECC-ESG workshop on communicating research across academic boundaries.

Under the overarching theme of communicating research across academic boundaries, this workshop engages in challenges both within academia – working with transdisciplinary projects – and between academia and society – communicating results, interacting with media, and dealing with science scepticism. It is an opportunity to interact with researchers spanning both the globe and academic fields and to discuss some of the mutual challenges facing researchers today.

Register by the 10th Oct 2017

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PhD Course – Global Environmental Governance Today

Actors, Institutions, Complexity

Dr. Fariborz Zelli and Ina Möller

Back to back with the ESG conference, Lund University’s department of Political Science is hosting a one-week PhD course on global environmental governance. The course is open to students from all backgrounds and designed to be accessible and useful for both social and natural scientists. In a series of lectures and interactive workshops, the course will introduce the complexities of global governance, the social theories used to explain and understand them, as well as insights into specific policy areas and methods of studying them.

For more information on the course and the registration process, please see:

The course is financed by the ClimBEco graduate school, endorsed by the Earth System Governance Project and open to all Ph.D. students, but number of participants is limited. B.A. and M.A. students as well as Post-docs are welcome to participate as guests.

Date: 16-20 October 2017

Location: Department of Political Science, Paradisgatan 5H (Eden), Lund

Registration: Apply before 6th October via e-mail to: