The Planetary Justice Taskforce has been designed to bring together scholars – both senior and early-career – who work on conceptual, empirical or philosophical investigations of “planetary justice”. The Taskforce is part of the global Earth System Governance Project, and is open to scholars from all disciplines, countries, career stages, normative backgrounds, and research objectives. It will also closely cooperate with stakeholders, among others through the new partnership of the Earth System Governance Project with the global NGO Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future.

The Taskforce is being launched at a workshop in March 2018 in Utrecht and is currently inviting interested members from the broader Earth System Governance Project; defining its long-term work programme; and laying the foundations for continued work.

The full list of current members can be found here and expression of interest in joining the task force can be made below. Publications related to the Taskforce and related events and activities can be found on the following subpages:







The Taskforce invites systematic analytical, philosophical and empirical investigations to be shared on topics such as:

  • How can we conceptualize planetary justice? On the basis of which criteria can we analyze and compare different justice theories for the globe?
  • How can we empirically investigate planetary justice? Which methods are more appropriate?
  • Which are currently the major political discourses on planetary justice? How do different political actors engage with justice concerns?
  • How do global governance institutions enable or constrain the realization of planetary justice
  • Which are the most urgent future questions regarding planetary justice? And, which are the most innovative and promising approaches to deliver answers?