Aarti Gupta

Aarti Gupta is an associate professor at Wageningen University, The Netherlands. She was a research fellow for two years at Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, where she participated in the Global Environmental Assessment Project, and focused on the role of science and expertise in global biosafety governance. Her research interests currently centre on: the politics of global environmental and sustainability governance with a focus on inter-state environmental negotiations; the (contested) normative bases underpinning global environmental and anticipatory risk governance; as well as the role of science, knowledge and expertise in multilevel environmental governance. She has supplemented this academic journey with working extensively outside of academia as well. This includes, for example, working as global policy officer at the United Nations Development Programme and the Secretariat of the Intergovernmental Panel on Forests, both in New York, United States; and with international non-governmental organizations (Oxfam-Novib in the Hague, Netherlands). She is a member of the Lead Faculty of the Earth System Governance Project, and a coordinating lead author of the Project’s 2018 Science and Implementation Plan.

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