Green Economy

The concept ‘Green Economy’ refers to an economic system – at sub-national, national and international/global scales – that seeks to improve social and economic well-being for everyone within the ecological boundaries of the planet. A Green Economy thus strives for a balanced consideration of social, economic and environmental goals to support economic systems and practices that are resource efficient and low carbon. A transition to a green economy requires policies that are socially inclusive, that reduce environmental risks and ecological scarcities and that seek to eradicate poverty and other forms of inequity.

This working group explores the concept of ‘Green Economy’. Key questions that will be examined are for instance: How and why did this idea emerge? How has this concept been employed in political argument? How significant has this concept been for the development of new governance approaches to managing social/ecological interactions?

For more information please contact Lorraine Elliott:

Professor Lorraine Elliott
​Department of International Relations
The Australian National University

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