Peter Driessen

Peter Driessen is professor and head of the research group Environmental Governance with the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University, The Netherlands. He also serves as the vice-dean for research at the Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University. His research contributes to the scholarly and political debate on sustainability governance, by analysing interventions that have the potential to make governance outcomes more congruent with sustainability goals. In short, his research addresses a long-standing theoretical and empirical concern of “what works where, when and why”. Special attention is given to institutional, legal, and social conditions that may foster sustainable development. The research takes as a presumption that governance arrangements that aim to enhance sustainable development should not only be effective, but also legitimate and efficient. By reflecting on particular practices, insights are gained in the conditions under which various modes of governance are successful or unsuccessful. His research covers practices such as climate adaptation, urban planning and water management. Furthermore, his research interests include interactive policy-making, environmental impact assessment, and science-policy interactions. Driessen is a member of the Lead Faculty of the Earth System Governance Project.

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