Åsa Persson

Åsa Persson is senior research fellow and research leader at the Stockholm Environment Institute, Sweden. Her research currently focuses on global governance of climate adaptation, implementation and policy coherence of the Sustainable Development Goals at the national and international level, and the interrelationship between geopolitics and sustainable development (MISTRA Geopolitics programme). She has also published extensively on the topic of environmental policy integration and she co-developed the concept of planetary boundaries in 2009. Apart from her academic work, she frequently engages with international and national institutions (e.g., UN ECOSOC, OECD, Nordic Council, Swedish and Danish Government) and has provided advice on topics like SDG implementation, sustainable consumption, adaptation finance and policy coherence. She received her PhD in Human Geography from the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2007. Persson is a coordinating lead author of the 2018 Science and Implementation Plan of the Earth System Governance Project.

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