The Taskforce on Planetary Justice in Earth System Governance Research brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars who are concerned with questions of justice on a planetary scale in the context of profound transformations of the earth system.

The Taskforce will organise global debates on these issues through maintaining an interactive website with frequent webinars; interdisciplinary workshops; specific panels at Earth System Governance conferences and other venues; and joint publications such as special issues and edited volumes with major university presses.

The Taskforce had an initial meeting at the 2016 Nairobi Conference on Earth System Governance, 7-9 December 2016. A special conference stream was then included on global inequalities to provide ample space for discussing approaches, theories and findings regarding Planetary Justice. A similar stream was also included in the 2017 Lund Conference on Earth System Governance.

For more information about joining the Taskforce, please contact Elizabeth Dirth (

Scientific Coordinators:

Frank Biermann, Utrecht University, and chair, Earth System Governance Project. (

Agni Kalfagianni, Utrecht University, and coordinating lead author, Earth System Governance New Directions team. (

 Task Force Manager:

Elizabeth Dirth, Utrecht University (