Piet Hoekstra

Piet Hoekstra is professor in Coastal Morphodynamics at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. He studies the mutual couplings and feedbacks between hydrodynamics, sediment transport and coastal morphology. His focus is on river deltas, estuaries and barrier island systems. More recently, he became increasingly involved and responsible for inter-and multidisciplinary coastal research projects including aspects of both the natural (such as geology, oceanography and ecology) as well as social sciences (socio-economic developments, governance). At this moment he is project leader of a large interdisciplinary research programme in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. In 2011 he was appointed as vice-dean for education, and since 2015, he is dean of the Faculty of Geosciences, a faculty incorporating both natural and social sciences. Together with Utrecht Science Park he was recently responsible for establishing the Consortium on Climate Change Adaptation, a Dutch consortium that is aiming at developing and providing multisectoral, integrated and practical knowledge and expertise on climate change adaptation for countries, governments, companies and NGO’s.

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